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Are you considering making an investment in automating your production? We are more than happy to give you a quote. For this purpose, please provide us with the information listed below. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information if you need it.

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Product requirements

  • dimensions
  • tolerance
  • weight
  • special requirements, such as constraints set by the softness of the material


Space and safety requirements

  • production layout
  • use of floor space and cubic metres
  • machine with CE marking
  • operating instructions
  • service instructions


Technical requirements

  • cycle time
  • the feeding interval of the pieces – the longer the interval, the fewer employees are needed
  • control panel
  • treatment of faulty products
  • expandability in the future
  • the connectivity of the device, e.g. production control system
  • other connected devices, e.g. existing equipment


Productivity and economic requirements

  • yield, i.e. how many faulty products are acceptable in a series of 100, for example
  • repayment term
  • operating ratio, e.g. percentage of malfunctions on the line
  • requirements in euros relating to productivity growth