We service both automation systems supplied by us and production equipment made by other industrial manufacturers. Our extensive know-how brings great benefit for our service customers.

We make annual agreements with our customers, but we can also service systems or production equipment at an hourly rate. The scale of the annual agreement is always tailored according to the customer’s needs. If the customer employs their own maintenance personnel, for example, they will have less need for our maintenance than another customer with no maintenance crew of their own. The scale of the annual contract may also be influenced by the number of shifts in the factory.

The systems we supply can be monitored and controlled as a remote support service. With this remote support service (link iot), we can fix fault situations and instruct the company's own serviceman in the repair. This service saves countless working hours and shortens downtime. We also make lists of recommended spare parts for the systems we supply. These lists help to prevent breaks in production caused by waiting for spare parts to be delivered. We also have a stock of spare parts and excellent contacts with suppliers, which means that we can deliver the required part very quickly if the customer does not have it in their stock.