Co-Automation is a forerunner in automation and robotics solutions for the manufacturing industry. Each year, we employ new professionals and are continually searching for high calibre experts who are highly motivated to become the top people in their field.

We are happy to receive your job application even for unadvertised jobs. We are currently employing professionals in Vaasa and Oulu, but working from another location may also be possible, depending on the duties.

Please send your application by email to: työ


Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you will be in charge of project implementation and its progress according to schedule. At the sales stage, you will participate in working out and determining technical issues. You will be in a position of leadership in the project organisation. The duties involved require several years’ experience in production automation projects.


Automation Designer

We are seeking several experienced Automation Designers. We require at least 3 years’ experience in the production automation sector. Your duties will involve PLC programming and HMI design and commissioning for different systems. Knowledge of robot programming and databases is a strong plus.

The job requires a flexible work attitude.


Mechanics Designer

We are seeking a Mechanics Designer for project duties. The job description includes the design of various production automation equipment and the technical documentation of designs. Your duties require experience of designing production automation equipment, utilising robotics, an excellent knowledge of manufacturing techniques (in other words, you take processability into account in your design work) and competence in using SolidWorks. As a Mechanics Designer, you will also participate in procurements and the supervision of assembly and installation work.


Service Engineer

As a Service Engineer, you will work in our maintenance unit and perform maintenance duties in a flexible manner according to our customers’ needs. You will have experience of the manufacturing industry’s hardware and will have performed similar duties for several years. You have competence in mechanics and the most common electrical and control systems and are able to solve problems independently.