Machine Vision Laboratory tests product possibilities

Co-Automation has its own Machine Vision Laboratory, which is used in the company’s Vaasa and Vantaa branches and at customers’ premises. Mika Saarinen, Product Manager of Machine Vision Solutions, explains that the Machine Vision Laboratory plays a vital role in testing customers’ applications. The purpose of the laboratory is to examine what and how a machine sees.

Often the Machine Vision Laboratory is used to investigate the picking up and installation of pieces performed by a vision-guided robot. Product labelling and its uniform quality can also be studied in the laboratory, among other things. For Co-Automation, it is a necessity to have its own Machine Vision Laboratory.

 “Through our investigations in the Machine Vision Laboratory, we find out whether a customer’s application is possible. It provides our customers with solutions on how an application can be carried out and what it will cost. Because the information is based on a concrete test, it provides us with a realistic idea beforehand on what we need to do. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. There’s no point in building a racing car if a bicycle will do, and vice versa.”

The equipment used in the Machine Vision Laboratory is easy to take along when going to meet a customer. Then, at the customer’s premises, it can be installed straight into the production line. This allows Co-Automation to test a larger number of actual products in their real environment.

After a feasibility test, a conclusion is made on whether the application can be carried out and how best to do it. Then Co-Automation offers their solution to the customer and continues the research.

Work experience is essential when performing tests. Saarinen has more than 20 years of experience both as a systems integrator and from working in a product development unit for a component manufacturer.

 “I have seen a lot of different kinds of applications in many lines of business in America, Europe and Asia. I have discovered that know-how of machine vision alone is not enough; you also need to be competent at equipment building and mechanical design. Co-Automation offers an effective system on a turnkey basis.”

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