In terms of fabrication costs, Finland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. That is why it’s the best place in the world to design and manufacture automation systems. Co-Automation is an important part of this story. It was established to produce extremely competitive automation systems that make manufacturing profitable and reliable. An excellent concrete example of this is the automation of a particular factory’s manufacturing and packaging line. Its automated line has increased its productivity by 57%. This has made the factory one of the most profitable operators in the world and left its competition far behind.

Robotics and automation reduce fabrication costs considerably. The location of a production plant no longer has to be chosen according to labour costs; instead, it can be placed anywhere. Robotics and automation also increase production and delivery reliability. The end products and components are of uniform quality: they function excellently, exactly as designed.

We see the best side of automation: it helps to retain jobs, increase productivity and reduce heavy and monotonous working phases. Automation tirelessly creates high-quality products and produces the desired number of products as planned. Automation also makes finance management easier: it facilitates better control of the cost structure by reducing the number of unexpected staff-related factors.

The “co” in Co-Automation refers to co-operation. The best ideas are the ones invented together with our customers. These solutions combine our customer’s vision of an efficient production line and Co-Automation’s know-how of practical applications and the newest technology. Our primary task is to find the overriding theme in our customer’s thinking and then come up with a solution that is beyond our customer company’s know-how. This is how we create at best a lead of several years in production solutions, giving our customer a massive boost in comparison to their competition.

When we design and make an automation system, it is one that did not exist before. Yet some of the equipment, programmes or robotics are honed to perfection, tested in the field and form superbly functioning parts of a whole. By combining these with new ideas, we create automation systems that improve productivity significantly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you want durability and supreme competitiveness for your production systems.

Automation like you’ve never seen before – Co-Automation